Praise for Dear Adam:

"This book held my attention in a steel vice from the moment I started reading. I dreamt about the story. I thought about it while working. It just completely overwhelmed my senses in the best possible way. Ava Zova is such a talented author. She managed to weave so much intensity, and emotion into a book that never stopped surprising me. 
"It has been a long time since I have been this excited to get people to read a book as I am about Dear Adam. I consider it my mission to get as many people as possible to give this author, and this book a shot. It will be a ride you will never forget."   This Bookish Endeavor 

"The Thing I enjoyed the most about Dear Adam aside from it's refreshing and interesting storyline, was the author's way with words ... Zavora possesses a lyric, mature style of storytelling. The synopsis drew me in and by hook, I was literally hooked.  Is it possible to love a man you've never met? Are you falling in love with the man or just the conclusions that you've drawn based on you own inferences? Miss Construed's Reviews

"I am imploring your to read this book. It's different and smart and entertaining and adventurous and relatable and well written and romantic and so truly refreshing and amazing.  People, this book will NOT disappoint!" -  Read-Love-Blog

"Seriously, this book is incredible. And for reasons you wouldn't expect. Yeah, the writing was good, the storyline even better but what really caught my attention from the first turn of the page was the intelligence in Ms. Zavora's main characters, Eden and Adam. A breath of fresh air is what it was.

"...This book was seriously fantastic and the love story was like drinking a new kind of delicious Chardonnay. It's familiar, but so unique it's now your new favorite."  - The Indie Bookshelf

"... Ava Zavora knows how to write a story that will keep you captive until the very end.  She is also a master of writing stories of romance and love without graphic or over the top scenes.  

"I was hard pressed to put down the book once I started it, because finding out what witty remark Eden may come up with, or how bold and forward Adam might be in his next email was too intoxicating."  *I Loves to Read*

"Dear Adam blew my freaking mind. From almost the very first second that I started this book, I was hooked. I was obsessed.
I eventually had to literally force myself to put this down so that I could get to sleep, but I immediately picked it right back up again as soon as I woke up (thank God I chose to read this book on a Friday night!).

Dear Adam was magic. I don’t know how else to explain it besides saying that it felt like I was in the story myself. I was experiencing everything that Eden was experiencing, as it was happening to her. My heartbeat sped up, I lost my breath…this book completely consumed every part of me, every part of my soul."  - The Biting Life
"Ava Zavora has crafted a modern enchanting tale of love with a proper online stranger that is completely worth staying up well past midnight to read like I did." - Penny Dreadful Reviews 

"Dear Adam" is an incredible book that draws you in completely. It's exciting, captivating and above all DIFFERENT. One of the best books I've read this year - Supportive Business Mums

"Overall, this book has a very different concept and I enjoyed it. I am glad I read it and would encourage others to do so also." - The Fiction Vixen

"This book has had such an emotional impact on me that I never saw coming, and haven't had a book do that to me in quite a while. Sure, I've had books I've loved everything about, but they didn't stay with me like this one. The emotional impact of this book was phenomenal for me personally." - Busy Moms Book Reviews

"Dear Adam was really interesting and unique book; the plot was totally original and I loved watching two people grow in love via the medium of twitter and email." - She Loves to Read
Praise for Rosethorn:

"Here it comes…I love it. No, I adore it. But wait…isn’t that the same? 


 So from the synopsis you will not - I repeat in bold letters will not - be able to see or predict what happened..."
Moringo Reviews

"Heart pounding romance meets ... a spinetingling mystery."

"I cried, laughed, and smile right along with the characters in this book.  They are unforgettable and definitely left a mark on my heart."- Curse of the Bibliophile

"Rosethorn is WHY I read Indie books. I have found the diamond in the rough ... "
"[W]ithin the first paragraph I knew, I just knew this was going to be good."

" ... one beautiful piece of art" *I Loves to Read*

"...a dramatic intense read."

"...a twisting, romantic, dramatic plot filled with secrets and lies ... four solid stars" - Bitches n Prose

"I really, really loved this. It was very beautifully written, and the story just completely captivated me."

"This whole story was mesmerizing and totally captured me. I found myself staying up far too late and waiting with bated breath for what would happen next. The setting of Rosethorn was perfect for their relationship and the twists and turns in the plot kept me hooked. I can't wait for more from Ava Zavora!" - The Rookie Romance Blog

"This book is one of the most pleasant surprises I have had all year! Ava Zavora has written a poignant and beautifully expressed story about a young girl’s coming of age and the boy who never left her heart. From the vivid descriptions of Monaco, Paris and California to the touch of ethnicity added to Sera’s heritage, all the way to the heartrending memories of her lost love – Ava Zavora has engaged my attention and impressed me with her words.  Sera is a traveler because she is in search of something. It turns out that what she had been looking for has been waiting at home for her all along.

"Ava Zavora is a wonderful writer."  -The Indie Bookshelf

"[T]his book was just fantastic."

"... be prepared to get the SHOCK of your life."  - Tome's Devotee

"I was 100% wholly unprepared for how much I ended up loving this book.  Yes, this title goes on my list of books I read in 24 hours and loved every minute!

"What. A. Book. .... I went through every emotion while reading ... I laughed, got super angry, and cried my eyes out."

"If you enjoy stories about true love, second chances, mystery and self-discovery wrapped up in a well-written package, then this book is for you!"  -Read-Love-Blog

Praise for Belle Noir:

"Dark, twisted, and oh so deliciously good."

"Ava brings us back to our Fairy Tale roots by connecting with her inner Grimm Brothers but going one step further and giving us a psychological ride on the side with Alfred Hitchcock."  - Book Geek Speaks

"If you're a fan of fairy tale retellings, this is definitely a collection for you to pick up." - Beauty but a Funny Girl

"[T]he world building in each one was really well done ... What I really loved though were the endings in all of them. They end in such a way that you have to draw your own conclusions and even though they could be obvious ones they could end up being completely unexpected." -Unraveling Words

"This book was so original, I didn't want to put it down ... Belle Noir is dark and heart wrenching."

"Belle Noir is a beautiful collection of retellings for adults and I really enjoyed them. I'm not usually a romance reader, and I'm never won over by a happy ending, but this book is the exception to the rule. I was really rooting for the strong women in this book to get their happy ever after. If you enjoy the fantasy or romance genre, you'll love this book." - All We Have is Stories

"[T]he stories in Belle Noir: Tales of Love and Magic definitely give the readers a twist on the usual fairy tales and delivers the reader to a time when things didn't always seem to end with happy ever after. I would definitely recommend this book for anyone looking for a darker take on fairy tales. "

"Belle Noir: Tales of Love and Magic will transport its readers to another place in time. A place of undeniable odds, a place of magic, and a place where you never know the ending." -Consuming Worlds

"This slender collection of five short stories is familiar (three of the five stories were inspired by Beauty and the Beast) and darkly bittersweet. More in the Grimm vein (pun!) than Disney, Zavora leaves the reader feeling uneasy and discomforted -- which is a surprisingly fun state to be in!

"Each story lingered with me and, frankly, got under my skin." -Unabridged Chick